Soybean sowing machine
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  • 2BFQ series Pneumatic Precision Planter

    2BFQ SERIES Pneumatic Precision Planter
    2BFQ Series Pneumatic Precise Planter, is a kind of multi-functional integral agricultural machine. It is suitable for drilling and fertilizing on the ploughed or tided field. 
    By replacing different sprocket and seeding plate to change the distance of seed, it can precisely drill corn, soybean, sorghum, cotton and oil sunflower. Fertilizing,
     ditching, soil covering and press can be finished at the same time. The main features of this kind of machine are multi-function, universal operation and high efficiency.

    2BFQ-12 Pneumatic Precision Planter 
    Technique parameter
    Iterm Detailed information
    Row Space (cm) 50-65
    Planting Rows 12
    Volume of Seed Hopper  (L) 38×12
    Volume of Fertilizer Hopper (L) 170×4
    Fan input speed (r/min) 540
    Net Weight (kG) 3200
    Overall Dimensions(cm) 300×900×253(470)
    Type of land wheel Pneumatic tire 6.50/80-15
    Transport tyre Pneumatic tire 10.0/75-15.3
    Working Speed (km/h) 6-8
    Fan Parameters Radial bending closed、the centrifugal
    Metering device type Vertical disk suction type
    Impeller diameter (cm) 400
    Working Efficience (hm2/h) 3.6-6.24
    Planting distance range (cm) 3-44
    Seeding opener form Double discs
    Marker form Hydraulic automatic reversing valve
    Matched power(kW) 81-132

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