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  • 2BFX Series Grain Fertilizer Seeder

    2BFX Series Grain Fertilizer Seeder
    2B(F)X series (fertilizer) seed drills are especially designed for farmers of private farms and large state-owned farms. They are suitable for use in large and medium tracts. The drill is attached to a tractor higher than 36kw in power, and can sow seeds and apply fertilizer in the same travel. The drill is mainly used for sowing wheat and grain. With row spacing adjusted, it can also sow sorghum and soybean. For 2BFX-24 (fertilizer) seed drills, users may order from us the marker combination, and coveringcombination. 

    This drill adopts the double-disc, double-row-bearing furrow openers, which are notable for low penetration resistance while high strength. The seed-release unit and fertilizer-release unit adopt externally fluted rollers made of iron. The seed box and fertilizer box with large capacity are suitable for use in large tracts. The power transmission is through chain and sprocket, featuring high reliability, easy adjustment, and quick maintenance.  

    Model 2BFX-16
    Matched power(Hp) 50
    Overall dimension(cm) 196×262×140
    Net weight(Kg) 680
    Sowing width(cm) 240
    Sowing rows(row) 16
    Row spacing(cm) 15
    Sowing depth(cm) 40-80
    Working efficiency(Ha/h) 0.93-1.47

    Model 2BFX-18
    Matched power(Hp) 55-80
    Overall dimension(mm) 2250×2930×1430
    Net weight(Kg) 780
    Sowing width(mm) 2700
    Sowing rows(row) 18
    Row spacing(mm) 150
    Sowing depth(mm) 40-80
    Working efficiency(Ha/h) 1.07-1.67

    Model 2BFX-24
    Matched power(Hp) 70-100
    Overall dimension(mm) 2250×3900×1500
    Net weight(Kg) 1080
    Sowing width(mm) 3600
    Sowing rows(row) 24
    Row spacing(mm) 150
    Sowing depth(mm) 40-80
    Working efficiency(Ha/h) 1.44-2.67

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