Soybean sowing machine
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  • Harvest 2 Jet Rice Mill

    Harvest 2 Jet Rice Mill
    The Harvest 2 Jet Rice Mill with iron roller is used for whitening brown rice and can also be made to convert the paddy. In one operation into white rice directly. It suits the medium and small scale rice mills in cities and countryside.
    The machine is compact, easy to operate and main tenance. It will be able to make the rice reach the requried white after one milling. It is equipped with an installatioin of jetting apparatus. It can make the finished product to pearl-white rice containing little percentage of bran, at low temperature, being capable of automatically separating the bran from the rice.

    Technique parameter:
    Type Name Power
    Main Shaft Rotary Speed
    Harvest 2 Jet Rice Mill 15-18.5 800-1500 700-800 350 260
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