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    Peanut shelling machine manufacturer

    Since its founding in 2004, Shijiazhuang Dadaoyuan Trading Co., Ltd is never stopping to devote itself to product and trade all kinds of agricultural machineries and farm equipments, from tillage & seeding to harvest & processing, to all over the world, especially Africa and the South America. We work tirelessly to help make today’s farms more simply, more productive and more profitable. we are peanut shelling machine manufacturer.

    Peanut shelling machine is mainly applied to peanut Impurity of raw materials, shelling, sorting, with impurity removal efficiency, shelling, sorting, in addition to skin a row, and return materials directly shell, the whole-jen high rate of production, and automation high degree of cleaning the production environment characterized by professional peanut production plant of choice for equipment.
    This peanut sheller is the professional equipment used for peanut shell to get completely kernel. The machine is a full automatic peanut shell, shell kernel separation at an organic whole.

    Our peanut sheller machine is a small agricultural products processing machinery of advanced peanut sheller.The product is popular in the majority of peanut crop production area farmers and professional processing families.The machine with compact structure andsimple structure, light weight, easy to move, without complex installation, high efficiency, low cost,high cleaning effect, easy maintenance etc.

    peanut shelling machine manufacturerpeanut shelling machine manufacturer

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