Corn precision seeding machine
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    What good models Corn planting machine performance

    Shijiazhuang Dadaoyuan Trading Co., Ltd is never stopping to devote itself to product and trade all kinds of agricultural machineries and farm equipments, from tillage & seeding to harvest & processing

    Corn planting machine Features:
      1. Planting completely made of aluminum alloy material, precision production, in addition to the traditional seeding process throwing brush with plastic wheels, greatly extended service life.
      2. extremely precise single grain sowing only save Zizhong, truly an innovation revolution planting industry.
      3. The fertilizer plywood box with a double hollow design more durable.
      The seedling distribution, small competition, Miao Qi, Miao, Zhuang, can increase ten percent to twenty percent
      5. The field work and low failure rate, significantly improve efficiency.
      6. The high-performance tillage sowing function, save labor, fertilizer, greatly reducing the cost of planting.
      7. pipelined flat spade opener, reducing power consumption, easy living style alloy head, adjust, while durable.
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