Corn precision seeding machine
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  • Corn precision seeding machine
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    Where the best Grain seeding machine

    Grain seeding machine is sown with seeds planted mechanical objects. Planter for certain types or certain crops, often dubbed crop species name, such as grain drills, corn bunch planting machine, cotton planter, grass sowing machines.
    Grain seeding machine

    Grain seeding machine

    1. This form fill seal machine is with high precision structure for simple and easy operation and repair. 
    2. Two synchronous belt device and servomotor film transporting system, makes the film move stably and form bag smoothly.
    3. Two independent sealing cylinders design, makes the excellent sealing and nice sealing stripes.
    4. Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, intuitionistic and efficient.
    5. Adopt external film feeding mechanism. Film setting will be more easy and quick.
    6. Multi-auto warning protection function to minimize loss.
    7. The stainless steel metering hoppers are easy assembly and dismantling and convenient to cleaning.
    8. This VFFS machine can finish from feeding,measuring, date printing, bag making, filling, inflating, sealing, cutting and counting in one operation.
    9. Different bag shapes are available according to customers’ requirement
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