Corn precision seeding machine
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    corn precision seeder

    Corn  Precision  Seeder
    Corn precision seeder is the replacement of traditional dibbler. It can sow different farm products such as corns, soybeans, cotton, peanuts. It can complete ditching, fertilizing, sowing, soil covering, and rolling in one time matched with 12-30hp small four wheels tractors. It has square silo and round silo two forms with equipped with precise sowing device. User can choose a proper one according to local conditions to reach ideal effect. The seeder with precise sowing, seeds, and strength saving is the first choice for farmer friends.

    We installed seed suction-disc with 16 holes, and do strict adjusting for seed cleaner, so it is no need to do new adjusting by customers, in case of making empty hole and affecting the single seed rate.

    Seed suction-disc with 16 holes can realize different plant spacing, such as 200, 240, 250, 310 mm and so on, by changing the transmission radio.

    Corn precision seeder Use good seeds, whose germination rate should be higher than 95%, and do coating or presoaking in pesticide for improve the seeds quality, then the seeds should have good fluidity, and have no adhesive. Forbid using powder mix seeds in case of making loss of potency of pesticide and plugging up seeds suction hole
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