Corn precision seeding machine
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    grain seeding machine supplier

    This grain seeding machine is mainly used for selecting and grading of grain, such as wheat, barley, soybeans, rice, cotton seed and other crops .which is Is multi-use economic grain seed selection equipment.

    This grain seeding machine is made up by frame, transmission part, main air blower Proportion screen, Vibrating screen, dust removal air blower(4-72-2.8A),Suction duct, which is convenient to move and changing the decks.
    The vibrating screen adopts the vibration motor (8-6-0.37*20), with stable performance and high screening efficency, extending the screening life, reduce equipment maintenance rate greatly.

    grain seeding machinegrain seeding machine

    Corn selection capacity: 25T/Hour ( with cleaning rate of 95%);16-20 tons/hour (with cleaning rate of 98%)
    Bean selection capacity: 25T/Hour (with cleaning rate of 98%).
    Besides, the equipment is added with a dust collection device, which has good effect on improving working environment, reducing grain dust pollution.

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