Corn precision seeding machine
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    Corn combined harvesting machine

    The corn combined harvesting machine, is a kind of harvest machinery in the agricultural machinery.By picking mechanism, peeling mechanism, bract Ye Qing except with grain collection agencies, elevator mechanism, straw crushing mechanism and other parts.The machine can complete the corn ear, peeling, grain loading, straw, spathe Ye Qing except with crushed grain recovery operations.

    By ingeniously simple spathe Ye Qing except with grain recovery mechanism and optimize the transmission routes with the least amount of stubble blades, simple structure, light weight, reducing energy consumption and traction.One-piece frame can remove the peeling machine used alone, can be multi-usage.Ensure the frame for the reasonable design of towing point intensity.

    The machine according to the test of total power by the production an average of 29 horsepower, low oil consumption, high efficiency, reliable operation, stable operation quality.

    corn combined harvesting machine

    corn combined harvesting machine

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