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    Maize hulling machine for sale

    Maize hulling machine is corn off clever shell, made from corn grain processing machinery.It can remove corn shell, reduce the grain of the waist and damaged skin, keep the corn is complete.Is mainly composed of hopper feeding device, the nose gear, corn husk separation chamber, gear box, frame, etc.

    Maize hulling machine obviously As people living standard is increasing day by day, more and more is also high to the requirement of fresh food and nutrition, in recent years, the family eating corn has been more and more common, it has given rise to the birth of the small and medium sized Maize  milling machine, the introduction of small and medium-sized Maize  huller both inherited the traditional Maize  huller structure and function, can remove corn shell and reduce grain waist and damaged skin, keep the brown Maize  is complete, and reduce the energy consumption and the volume of traditional models, for home and small and medium-sized commercial Maize  sheller provides a convenient and practical.Small and medium sized Maize  milling machine in process on the improvement of traditional Maize  machine, try to avoid destroying the smooth surface of corn, paddy separation effect, in order to improve the hulling rate kept high and stable.Its advantage is that the processing time is short, less consumption, high hulling rate, net power meters more more provinces, the characteristics of small and medium sized Maize  huller hulling rate can reach more than 95%, 8-10% higher than traditional models.Low cost, low energy consumption, easy operation, widely used all over the country.

    if you are interested in our Maize hulling machine ,pls feel free to let me know ,and email me or call me at any time .thank you

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