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    How to choose Corn harvester machine

    Corn harvester machine
    Depending on the Corn harvester machine and power articulated manner can be divided into traction, hanging (also known as piggyback), self-propelled and special cutting table type corn and wheat combine harvester supporting the use of.
        1. Corn Harvester Trailed
        This model is the first in China to develop and use models, usually 2 to 3 lines side traction, with the increase in the number of lines, partial amount of traction, the greater the impact on the machine operation, supporting power of the tractor 30 ~ 60KW . The advantage is easy to machine configuration, the structure is relatively simple, inexpensive, good reliability. Since power can be separated from the whole, the non-working hours of power machinery can additionally he used to improve the utilization of power machinery. The disadvantage is that because the machine is a side traction, so the need to manually harvest before the job is to clear the way. Coupled with longer units, turning radius, you need edge of open land. In addition the models with the ridge from the match is poor, easy to tear down or sideways overwhelming straw.
        2. Hanging Corn Harvester
        Suspension means a corn harvester corn harvester hanging on a tractor, it is formed integrally with the tractor, Form and similar self-propelled harvester, mainly front suspension, suspension and side hanging down three. The advantage is that the overall structure is compact, inexpensive, and harvesting machine detachable power, power utilization, without manual harvesting to clear the way, small turning radius, adaptability. Currently using more before hanging harvesting machine, the kind of harvesting machine configuration more convenient, consistent use of personnel operating habits. The disadvantage is that this type of harvesting machine structural arrangement, mounting and dismounting relatively trouble, the driver is not easy to see the cutting table, too heavy front wheel weight distribution, stability is not very good.
        3. Self-propelled Corn Harvester
        Self-propelled corn harvester is a high gain model. The advantage is compact, more perfect performance, high efficiency, good quality jobs. The disadvantage is the high cost of the model, resulting in the price is high, the payback period is long, complex structure, the failure rate is higher. At present, the models in the province has also been promoting the use of, but still in the research and development stage, the use of large area there is still a long way to go in.
        4. Maize special cutting table type
        Corn special cutting table type is to use a special cutting table corn, wheat combine harvester replace cutting table, thereby converting into a wheat combine harvester corn harvester. The advantage of this model is greatly simplified corn harvester system to improve the wheat harvest machine utilization and economic benefits. The disadvantage is when the wheat harvest combine harvester corn into corn dedicated to cutting table cutting table, from the combine harvester, separation and cleaning equipment also requires a corresponding adjustment and replacement, operate more trouble. At present, some companies are optimizing the development of such models.
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