Corn precision seeding machine
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    Soybean sowing machine supplier

    Soybean sowing machine is a new generation technology  no-tillage sowing machine for supporting conservation tillage, It can complete the side of deep fertilization, clean up the straw, press soil, repress(increase the fertilizer that can be applied fertilize) and producer. The main features of this kind of machine are high efficiency, good fertilization effect, sowing accuracy , soil moisture and moisturizing , and it is suit for china’s semi-arid regions , as well as the best choose of no-till sowing and conventional sowing.
    Finger clip seed meter , surveillance system sensors and cutter and other core components are imported from abroad . they are advanced, reliable quality and excellent performance.

    Large capacity and  high quality of fertilizer tank , can be installed six generations of fertilizer to meet the long work .

    Fertilizing , sowing with double transmission , multi-speed adjustable , easy to operate and reliable to use .

    The machine with beautiful shape , rational layout and strong structure intensity. 

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